Strategy Day with Ask Zoe

Client Testimonial from Debbie Crouch, Art for Wellness CIC

Debbie Crouch is the creator and founder of Art for Wellness CIC.

Debbie attended the Ask Zoe Strategy Day in October 2023 and they provided feedback on their experience.

What was the reason for attending the strategy day and what was your goal by attending?

To have a plan and clear strategy, to better understand how I can improve marketing messages, engagement, and brand positioning.

How did you find the strategy day and what results have you seen so far?

Learning how to write a value proposition statement clearly defines my position in business and who my ideal customers are. It gave me a focus by planning a strategy for the next 90 days and beyond.

Also, in understanding the gaps and opportunities, a plan allows you to take action to see what I am looking to achieve, how I can do this, and gain new ways of thinking.

  • So far I have launched my latest published book with a sales turnover of ¬£125 in the pre-launch alone.
  • Planned and improved membership options and focused on opportunities to take this forward into 2024.
  • Following the session we had 1:1 chat with Michael G where we could bounce ideas of each sharing knowledge, and ideas.

I particularly like the idea of having a group to share wins, watching how others have grown or learned helps to feel part of a community, a group of like-minded people who encourage and support each other.

What have you experienced since attending and why would you recommend it to others?

  • A growth in confidence
  • Changed my way of thinking
  • Generated new ideas and exploring other opportunities
  • I feel fired up and ready to go

“I would highly recommend the strategy day working in a group you learn and share, and feel more connected. The content was easy to understand and follow by the interactive sessions.

Also, Zoe’s feedback and observations of my business helped me to understand how to move forward and take action to achieve real results.

I felt like I had a real plan with actions and priorities that would work from day one, with themes I know I can monitor and learn from, to see results and celebrate.

Sometimes you are too close to your own business to see what the strategic message is and what it should be so this was life-changing for me, by attending the Ask Zoe Strategy Day.

Thank you :)”

Debbie Crouch