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About Zoe

Ask Zoe has grown by 750% in a two-year period and became multi-award winning for doing so…

Let us help you do the same.

Our Story …

I’m always asked, why call the business Ask Zoe?

It hasn’t always been.  Prior to the pandemic, it was FAB Events… let me explain…

Where it all began

When I left university, I worked in both New York and the UK for large corporate companies within the hospitality sector.

I was basically an internal consultant and problem solver.  When an area of the company wasn’t achieving its goals and targets, or there seemed to be an underlying performance issue… in I was sent!

To give just one example: After working five years for the Hilton UK brand, I was headhunted to work for a commercial property company called BizSpace Ltd.

Within ten months I was transferred to look after the North Portfolio and create a meeting room product that would be rolled out nationwide.  Within 18 months this was successful and reached a target of £400,000.

I did this by identifying the gaps in the portfolio through reviewing ten key sites in the North and developing a meeting room package that was attractive to their target audience and team. Training on the new product and service was also part of my role, as well as upgrade of facilities.

The new offering was incredibly successful and developed into further benefits for the portfolio and team.  My skillset not only brought a new product and service to the portfolio, but it added a new form of corporate clients to use their facility.  I was able to share an effective marketing strategy for all the sites.  Marketing to each local community through networking and so building the correct network for longstanding results.

Following my time with the team and portfolio it was my employer along with my network that encouraged me to do what I do full time and create an impact for even more businesses in the local community.

Fab Events was born.

FAB Events

When the time was right to leave corporate employment, becoming a freelance events specialist was the natural move.  FAB Events was created and soon grew, as my reputation widened.

From weddings to conferences; training companies’ teams; or project managing; me and my team were thriving.  Our clients were happy and business referrals were flowing in.


But then in March 2020, after 14 years in the hospitality, events and management sector, everything changed overnight.

I was faced with a new situation… one which I recognise many business owners face every day…

How could I step back, so I could view my business strategically?

How could I attract the right customers?

How could I move my business forward?

How could I change, yet still grow, my business in current circumstances?

The answer to all the questions was right in front of me – to work through my own four-step process and treat my business as my best client.  I knew I could apply my consultancy and training services in a whole new, innovative way, I just needed to think creatively.

Ask Zoe was born

All my experience was helping others to make business improvements and market to the right target audience.

After taking a step back, when I thought strategically about my skills and offering, I realised there was absolutely no reason why the process I used couldn’t apply to, and be highly successful for, any type and size of business.

Now anyone who knows me, knows I network extensively.  I have a wide network of contacts and I heard the phrase ‘Ask Zoe’ (followed by if she can’t help, she’ll know who can) so often, that it stuck with me.

When I decided to rebrand the business so that it was no longer seen as an events company, Ask Zoe seemed like the obvious choice for a new name and rebrand. So, Ask Zoe was reborn on the 5th of May 2022.

Who is Zoe?

I am a Yorkshire businesswoman who is proud of her roots.  I like to keep things simple and understandable for my clients.

I work as a consultant, a coach, a speaker, and a strategist, specialising in business improvement and marketing.

Having been overwhelmed by circumstances myself, when lockdown hit, I can fully understand how demoralising it is to find yourself in that headspace.

You want to move your business forward…

You know you should be pushing on…but sometimes you simply need a little outside help and advice to become unstuck!

It may be time to niche down…

It may be time to streamline your offering…

It may be time to expand…

or even pivot…

Whatever your circumstances are, having someone on your side to guide you through and give you opportunity to think differently can lead to huge changes, better return, and grow your business to the next level.

If you know your business is ready for growth; if you feel overwhelmed; or just know you would move forward faster with someone at your side, I would love to speak to you.

Book a call with me for a confidential, honest and no obligation chat.

Meet The Team...


Zoe Wadsworth
Owner and Founder

Ebony Lait
Junior Assistant

Our fab team was created through passion and insight within the industry, with a wish to create a visionary team and business with customer care at the forefront of all we do.

As I am sure you all have heard the term if you look after your staff members well, they will look after your customers even better and this is the policy we instil.

Our main goal is to save you time, create less stress and offer our expertise in several ways; by covering a range of services to meet our customer’s ideal expectations and requirements.

As, our vision is to make an impact in your business and place a high level of customer service is at the forefront of everything we do, enabling us to become the go-to consultancy provider for our customers and network.
Our team is here to guide you through, whether you need someone to help build cost-effective strategies or remote support. To project management and events, we are here to help!

Let our team build lasting relationships to give back to the wider business community and support local businesses and our clients, by becoming your own cheerleader.

As our overall mission is to ensure every customer feels valued, receives amazing customer service, and is supported to bring their vision the life in the most fabulous way possible.

Please refer to our testimonials and case studies to find out more, about how we can help you now or in the future.