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Zoe is just the ticket to get your business strategy juices bubbling up and overflowing. If you’re in need of marketing help, give her a call. She’ll blow your mind with her ideas and enthusiasm.

– Greenberry’s

Do you feel you would benefit from business and marketing knowledge?

Want to improve your business, but don’t know how?

Wish to learn from others through group accountability?

Don’t want to commit to consultancy or coaching on a 1:1 basis?

Then the Business Growth and Marketing Hub could be exactly what you need.

What is the Business Growth and Marketing Hub?

The Hub is a community of like-minded business owners who are there to learn, share experiences, and support one another.

We do this is through the following key steps:

  • Monthly Group Accountability Session – ‘The Roundtable Effect’
  • Monthly Check-Ins
  • Remote support through a dedicated WhatsApp group and Facebook community
  • Member spotlights
  • Access to over 50+ hours of online resources to help your business develop.

The Hub is a low-cost monthly membership, and each month has a particular business or marketing theme.

Plus, experts provide pre-recorded training sessions which allow you to create a positive impact on your business.

Access to resources includes business growth, communication skills, branding, mindset, marketing, content strategy, client acquisition, relationship building, strategic positioning… and many, many more.

What does it mean to be part of the community?

You know that being a micro business owner can be a lonely occupation – even if you have a small team around you.

The members of the Business Growth and Marketing Hub are there for one another, both in terms of general support and with specific knowledge. This support is delivered via our monthly accountability sessions and monthly check-ins.

It is an incredible environment, and members experience huge leaps forward in areas where they were previously stuck! Including results in some cases of 300%, which is simply incredible.

Please don’t ever think that because this is a community, the focus won’t be on you.

I know all my members and their businesses and ensure they are at the forefront of everything that happens in the community.

What does membership of the Business Growth and Marketing Hub include?

Any member can pose a question or begin a discussion within the Hub at any time.
So, I, and the other members, will offer our expertise and advice.

The more formal offering includes:

  • INSPIRE: Monthly online group sessions on the first Wednesday of each month
  • EDUCATE: Pre-recorded Webinars and Podcasts providing over 50 hours’ worth of resources for your business
  • INFORM: A monthly check-in, to see how each business owner is progressing month by month
  • CONNECT: Membership spotlights to highlight the amazing business owners in our online community

It really is everything you need to push your business forward.

All for just £97pm.


What is the commitment needed from me to be an active member?

Ideally, you will block your diary out for the group sessions each month (on the first Wednesday of each month at 9 am).

Actively attending these events will ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your membership and the community around you.

Most members check in to the Hub most days, or have their notifications set, so they don’t miss a discussion which may help them.

Obviously, we understand life happens and so your membership to the Business Growth and Marketing Hub is not regulated… we leave it up to you to make the most of what we offer. (If you do disappear unexpectedly though, you may well get a call to see if you’re ok.)

I’m in, what happens next?

Click JOIN NOW below.

Accept the Terms and Conditions (after reading them of course).

Complete a direct debit form for your monthly payments. Membership is for 12 months before renewal is required. Payments are taken on 1st of each month.

Once you are all signed up, you will receive a Welcome email and a diary invitation within 48 hours for all future dates of events.

Welcome to the Business Growth and Marketing Hub!

If for any reason you are not sure if the Business Growth and Marketing Hub is for you, book a call with me and let’s have a chat.

Pam Goodison

Zoe has been brilliant in helping me develop my business and plans. We sat down in October 2020 and plan I was looking at would take me the next 6 months, but I am happy to report that I am there already and we are only in February.

Definitely recommend that you arrange a chat with this lovely lady. She is great on helping you set up your strategy.

– Pam Goodison

Jade Oxberry

Absolute star!! Thank you for your help today Zoe! Highly recommended just on trust & faith & going the extra mile!! xxx

– Jade Oxberry

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