Bethan Trevett – The Wonder Bar and Keep the Change CIC – Case Study: Group Strategy

Beth Trevett The Wonder Bar

What was the scenario in your business before we started working together?

I was looking to set up a new enterprise and needed help to consider all areas of logistics and marketing, including adapting my existing business, which was The Wonder Bar, and from the group strategy sessions; Keep The Change CIC was born.

What were your goals before working with Ask Zoe?

No particular goals, just to get a better level of understanding of what I needed to do to make the social enterprise happen and how to adapt to the business and market.

Why did you choose to work with Ask Zoe?

As I knew Zoe from Fab had a lot of relevant experience and was from a hospitality background and had applied experience with an existing business.

Have your goals changed since working with Ask Zoe, and if so how?

Yes, I now actually have a plan and goals in place to achieve following my work with Zoe on Group Strategy and Accountability.

What have been your results since working with Ask Zoe (ROI)?

I have continued to be driving towards getting the new CIC set up and my existing business has managed to pivot during the lockdown and now is busy again, which I am extremely thankful for.

Did you enjoy working with Ask Zoe? If so, what’s been your biggest takeaway?

Yes, it was nice to be with a group and to get such in-depth, tailored advice from Zoe and the accountability session that followed; allowed me to set intentions and who to speak with further to get the CIC off the ground.

Would you recommend Ask Zoe to others and if so, why?

Yes, it was very valuable and although I was at such an early stage, I feel others with more established businesses could benefit even further.

However, saying this I have just launched my first event for the CIC and this would not have been possible without the direction from Fab and those that have supported me along the way.

How have you found the process working with Ask Zoe and would you improve any part?

Loved the process and would not make any changes, here is what I had to say following the session:

“Zoe is so knowledgeable in her field! I attended her 5-week group strategy sessions and my business idea flourished under Zoe’s guidance.

Constantly armed with ideas, questions, and tasks to help me (and the rest within the group) find our mission, purpose & develop ideas. Consistently on hand, she keeps you accountable, regularly checking in and making sure we knew that she was there to answer any questions.

I look forward to working with Zoe on a 1:1 basis in the future as I feel there is so much she can help with, especially within the events sector.

Thank you, Zoe!”

Bethan Trevett

What impact would you say has happened as a result of our work together?

Confidence in the idea being a good one!