Strategy Day with Ask Zoe

Client Testimonial from Heather Wilde, Virtual Assistant

Heather Wilde Virtual Assistant

I am a Virtual Assistant supporting ambitious coaches and consultants to grow their business through bespoke professional admin, digital marketing, and tech services. Clients can work with me on an ongoing retainer basis, or they can purchase a package of services for a specific project.

What was the scenario before you started working with Ask Zoe?

I have been in business for nearly 2 years, but I was feeling that I needed more clarity on my services and the steps that I needed to put into place to grow my business and reach more people.

What were your goals for attending the Ask Zoe Strategy Day?

My short-term goal was to build on the marketing that was working well for me already such as word-of-mouth and improve on other marketing areas such as LinkedIn and social media. I wanted to identify where my time was better spent to achieve the best visibility and ROI.

Why did you choose to work with Ask Zoe?

I chose to work with Zoe because of her reputation within The Business Village community as the go-to expert for business growth advice. She is super friendly, and knowledgeable, and genuinely wants to see you and your business succeed.

What was your biggest take away from the Ask Zoe Strategy Day?

The group strategy day was perfect for me as it gave me extra support, accountability, and some fresh perspectives from the other group members. It was a safe space for me to be able to step back and reassess whether my business was aligned with my long-term personal and financial goals as well.

What have been your results since attending the Ask Zoe Strategy Day?

As a result of the strategy day, I have made changes to the way that I package and price my services. Zoe made me realize that I wasn’t showcasing the value of my services to potential clients enough. I have also now revised my website copy and my networking pitch so that it reflects my value proposition.

Would you recommend Ask Zoe to others?

With Zoe’s help and advice, I am now more active with face-to-face networking and growing my network on LinkedIn too. The follow-up and accountability in the WhatsApp group has been brilliant at keeping me on track to follow through with the actions I identified at the strategy day.

I would highly recommend the Ask Zoe Strategy Day and working with Zoe.