Marc Walker – Commstec IT – Case Study: 1:1 & Retainer Support May 22 – Present Date

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Marc walker is an independent IT consultant who operates under the limited company of Commstec IT.

Commstec IT is a customer-driven and customer-focused IT Solutions and Network Communications Specialist company offering services and support to small and medium-sized businesses in the South Yorkshire area. They work closely with their clients to understand their individual business and technology needs and then customize our solutions to meet those needs.

Marc has been working with Zoe since May 2022 following attending a live workshop at the South Yorkshire Exhibition. This case study is to demonstrate their work together on a 1:1 consultancy basis with retainer support including access to an online community that supports business development and marketing.

What was the scenario before you started working together with Ask Zoe?

The scenario prior to employing Zoe’s services was that I was currently on a full-time freelance contract for the past four years, since setting up the business and I realized I needed to learn how to market myself more effectively to generate more business, so my customers were more fairly spread out and created more variety in the client base to help more sectors by keeping our why at the forefront of this and everything we do.

As we provide exceptional IT services by delivering high-quality, enterprise-grade services, security, and solutions that allow our clients to effectively meet their business goals, without losing sight of the human element. “In a World of Technology, People Make the Difference”

Our personal “Why” was two-fold. As we want to give back, to build a company that thrives on providing opportunities in tech, training & development both professionally and personally to individuals who wish to pursue a career in Information Technology. We also want to build a services company that puts our customers at the heart of everything we do, without losing the traditional values of a personal relationship with our clients.

What were their goals (from the customer’s perspective)?

Our goals were two-fold as demonstrated above in reference to our why and the need to attract further customers for our business. But the how is what we did not know, all we knew at the initial stages was that we needed the correct strategy to plan effectively in the business when it came to marketing and the correct foundations to make this happen, including network.

Plus, as this was the unknown to us as I come from a full-time employment background followed by a full-time freelance contract for the past four years, I knew I needed to be supported along the journey to ensure I had the right person to ask the right questions to. Even when I didn’t know the answer I needed. I needed the level of support that was accessible via accountability and remote support. This is what I found by employing Ask Zoe and we were able to identify the short to long terms objectives for the business by focusing on day one to 180 days plus, in the initial stages. These were:

  • Attracting 2-3 clients by December 2022
  • Forecast 50,000 gross within a 12-month period
  • Set away from contracted work and work freelance full-time for both parties
  • Understanding who requires our services and in a position to buy

Why did you choose to work with Ask Zoe?

Louise and I met Zoe at a local chamber event where she was able to help us with some key questions we had about networking in the local area. This followed a 1:1 to get to know each other in more detail and find out how she could best help us in the future.

The South Yorkshire Exhibition followed shortly after this meeting in which we got to learn more about her four steps process through 1:1 consultancy and we decided to book her services following this workshop.

On this day she was able to also introduce our services to a few key parties in the room and from this, you could see she was well respected in the local business community, and we had confidence that she could help us find the solutions we were looking for in the business in reference to attracting more clients through our marketing and network.

What was the process and how have you benefited since working with Zoe on a 1:1 level?

The process has been smooth since working with Zoe but we now understand the time it takes to put in place the right foundations to attract the correct customers, and that within marketing you have to measure your return to ensure you are doing the right activity. So far, we have seen this improve through multiple forms such as being found on Google, LinkedIn posts, blog posts on our website and social media content, and being out in person attending networking events.

Each improvement we have seen has been a result of working with Ask Zoe on a 1:1 level, whether this is from our 1:1 sessions, support through the hub, or through the introductions, she has made for our business within her network.

What results have you seen so far?

I would say the most obvious results we have seen so far is an increased confidence in what we are doing. Whilst we aren’t new to working within the IT industry, we are new to running a business and finding the right type of clients to partner with, and working with Zoe has ensured we are focused on the right areas. We also have a better marketing structure and clearer understanding of marketing in general, which helps to provide a clearer road map for reaching our goals and growth ambitions

Since working with Ask Zoe we have also managed to increase the number of prospects that have contacted us to enquire about our services, and having Zoe in our corner to help bounce ideas off has been instrumental in our journey to getting Commstec off the ground.

What would you say are the main advantages of working with Ask Zoe and would you recommend their services to others?

Zoe keeps us on track and focused on our business objectives and goals, whilst also providing help and support on general issues or queries on running a business. She really takes the time to understand what it is we do, and what services we offer, and often provides that “outside looking in” view to help us overcome any challenges we face. Having an experienced business mentor like Zoe as a partner, also gives you that extra confidence you are doing things the right way, and also provides a boost to morale when at times things aren’t quite going right.

We would highly recommend Ask Zoe to other clients (and we often do!) to anyone that is feeling a little overwhelmed, not just with starting a new business, but for leaders and professionals that really want to go back to basics with a fresh view, and from a genuinely nice, caring and friendly person who really goes the extra mile to help you succeed.