Strategy Day with Ask Zoe

Client  Testimonial from Michael Goddard, represented by WPA Healthcare Insurance

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Michael Goddard is an appointed representative from WPA, which is a non-profit organization for healthcare insurance.

What was the reason for attending the strategy day and what was your goal by attending?

I attended the Ask Zoe Strategy Day following being a part of the hub membership for two years and decided to take the step to attend the strategy day to look at the business, build on its growth, and use the strategy to build on what exists in the business to strengthen and gain more results from our marketing efforts, over the next 90 days and more.

By learning about the processes of what I need to do and when I feel I have achieved that by attending today.

How did you find the strategy day and what results have you seen so far?

I found the day itself very productive and ultimately showed me what I need to do in my business going forward when it comes to marketing, gaining results, and the processes to follow.

My biggest takeaway has been learning how to approach my ideal customer and audience by engaging in the right conversation and how best to convert them into customers for the business.

What have you experienced since attending and why would you recommend it to others?

The results of attending the Ask Zoe Strategy Day have been a 300% return on investment within 7 days of completion and a 1000% ROI by day 30, which is simply incredible and I highly recommend Zoe and her services, it is well worth having a chat with Zoe, whether this be to discuss the hub or one of her Strategy days that has helped my business grow!

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