Strategy Day with Ask Zoe

Client Testimonial from Olivia Taylor, Marketing Coordinator of My LFX

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My LFX hosts business and knowledge boosting events and coaching for ambitious health and fitness industry professionals.

Olivia Taylor, Marketing Coordinator of My LFX attended the Ask Zoe Strategy Day in October 2023 and they provided feedback on their experience.

What was the reason for attending the strategy day and what was your goal by attending?

The reason I attended the Ask Zoe Strategy Day was due to the fact we are looking for a strategy and plan of action to scale My LFX to double capacity by 2024. This will allow us to work more efficiently and effectively as a business and also increase profitability by 50% of above by this time next year.

How did you find the strategy day and what results have you seen so far?

The day itself delivered in every aspect and it has allowed me to understand more about the business, along with the correct marketing activities to support our growth in 2023 and 2024. By understanding how to make the business perform better, increase visibility, attract our ideal customer and learn from the other business owners who have attended today.

The biggest take away from the day has been knowing your why for the business with intention and purpose from the day itself. This has allowed me to understand why the business is performing to its current capacity and profits. As now I know why, I can adapt things for the business and marketing strategy for the better.

What have you experienced since attending and why would you recommend it to others?

The experience since attending the Ask Zoe Strategy Day has been extremely positive, as now by understanding what Ineed to do and how to support the business better, already in 30 days we have attracted three new conversations in the business for sponsorship and also multiple conversations with our ideal target audience.

I would highly recommend working with Zoe Wadsworth of Ask Zoe, she has become mine and My LFX lucky charm.

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