Personal Finance Week Feb/March 2020 Case Study

Personal Finance Week was created through the FAB & the Insurance Institute of Sheffield where a collective of volunteers headed up by their president Patrick Seal, came together to deliver Personal Finance Week in five locations in the North. These locations being Barnsley, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Rotherham, and Sheffield.

What was the scenario before you started working together?

The scenario before ‘The Insurance Institute of Sheffield’ started working with ourselves, as it was first called, came into existence in 1912. As, Sheffield had become an increasingly important industrial centre and it was logical that an institute be formed to support the large number of insurance companies who were establishing branch offices in the city.

From the 1950s onward brokers and loss adjusters began to play an important part on the institute council and in recent years the annually appointed president has come from these sectors of the market.

The Personal Finance Week was first introduced to us by our network through a recommendation from one of their professional services on the board under D&K Accounting. Their purpose was to increase brand awareness and increase their customer base across the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire county.

What were their goals?

Their goals were as follows for their first North region event to raise brand awareness through educational content to increase their customer base:

  • Assistance in planning a large regional event for the first time and needed an experienced event organiser to help us.
    • Help create the strategy.
    • Challenge our ideas.
    • Raise issues/hotspots in our planning.
    • Execute actions.
    • On the Day Management.

Why did they choose to work with you?

They chose to work with Fab due to the following reasons:

“Recommended to us be a professional connection. Having subsequently met Zoe, it was clear her experience, attitude and approach was the right fit for our goals.”

What was the process?

The process consisted of a verbal recommendation from our local accountancy practice, followed by a telephone conversation with Patrick and then meeting with the board.

It was important to meet with all decision makers so I could get a collective response on how they envisioned the event to run and what support they needed from ourselves to bring ‘personal finance week’ to life.

What were the results?

Their goals were met on a brand awareness point of view to increase exposure in the North but due to the series of events being impacted due to Covid19 it did not reach the maximum capacity as hoped. But they are rerunning their events this year with a move to online events and build an online presence in this way.

Which they hope for an increased capacity of attendees and they are looking forward to working with Fab again and of course, Zoe.

Plus, here is what they had to say about the overall experience:

“Our experience with Zoe exceeded our expectations by a long way. Not only did Zoe achieve our goals but really went above and beyond. This included her voluntarily taking on actions, that we had not contracted her too, which were above our level of experience, but she could fulfil. Zoe’s communication, both verbal and written, was superb and finally above all else, was great consultant when needed.

We will absolutely be working with Zoe again.”