Suzanne Smith – Reconnecting You – Case Study: Group Strategy & Retainer Support September 21 – October 22

Suzanne Smith

Suzanne Smith from Reconnecting You is a Chronic Fatigue Specialist, who is passionate about supporting women with chronic fatigue to be able to live the kind of life that they want to live without worrying about paying for it afterwards.

Chronic Fatigue conditions like M.E, CFS, Fibromyalgia, and post-viral fatigue can feel very scary and loaded with negative expectations. It is Suzanne’s mission to make sure her clients don’t get sucked into all the things that they can’t do because of their fatigue and to help them find a way forward to recover their energy levels.

Suzanne joined our group coaching program in September 2021 along with four other business owners. Over a period of five weeks, implementing the four-step process we offer in our 1:1 coaching program, then opting in to our monthly 60-minute accountability sessions as well as receiving remote support until October 2022.

Here is an account of Suzanne’s experience provided by a video case study and the following feedback.

What was the scenario before you started working together with Ask Zoe?

I felt I was floundering around in my business. I am more of a business butterfly in terms of going from one idea to the next and floating around with what advice to take. At this point, I decided to employ Zoe’s service initially for group coaching, which was mind-blowing it offered me structure and a way forward in terms of planning that I so desperately needed.

This allowed me to gain clarity, pull everything together and ensure I achieved my main goals which were to increase my 1:1 client base, launch a CIC and build a team around my services to support others. This I achieved and so much more through our work together.

What were their goals (from the customer’s perspective)?

As you mentioned within the training that “a goal is just a wish” that I now truly believe in due to plans I have in place and have executed through the support provided in group coaching and accountability sessions that followed.

My main goal now is to step it up a level and continue to be more consistent due to the accountability you have offered.

My goal now is expansion as I can now see where I am going, and I am really excited for the future.

Why did you choose to work with Ask Zoe?

The reason why we chose to work with Ask Zoe is due to a couple of reasons, the main one being Zoe, as she is an ideas factory, and has helped me by coming up with suggestions, approaches, and support. This allowed me to achieve what I set out to achieve and allowed me to see the wood from the trees. It’s easy to get bogged down with all the things you have to do in business and Zoe has a unique ability to rise above this and take a birds-eye view of the business, providing me and your other clients with the right information and pinpoint the direction to go.

Before I started working with Zoe I did not feel like I was a good business person. Zoe helped me to see that I am, and I that should embrace who I am. Accountability is definitely something I needed to help me to achieve my goals set out in group coaching.

What was the process and how have you benefited since working with Zoe on a 1:1 level and accountability?

The one word I can use is enlightening, as Zoe made me understand, by using her soft skills from the group coaching and accountability sessions, that I can achieve my goals.

For me, return on investment is not just measured in monetary terms but that of value too. It has been a truly magical experience having someone you trust, who is also a business owner, to work with on my business.

What results have you seen so far?

As mentioned above, my return on investment has been so much more than just the monetary value that I have received, it’s been so much more. But the optimum return has been a shift in mindset and to achieve sustainable income for the business. This has allowed me to make the right decisions for myself, and those around me in the CIC, plus further projects I am now involved with.

This is an amazing feeling to have as it creates a level of consistency too within the business. I can forward plan and look ahead to the future.

What would you say are the main advantages of working with Ask Zoe and would you recommend their services to others?

The main advantages as you can see from my feedback above have been many things, from ideas, to return on investment, to accountability, to support and so much more.

I would highly recommend Zoe’s services to others in the local business community and if you are wanting to grow your business in the right environment, I would highly recommend having a conversation with Ask Zoe.