Lucy Davies – Websites by Lucy – Case Study: Group Strategy April 2021

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Lucy is sole trader and builds WordPress websites under the banner of ‘Websites by Lucy’ and offers an affordable option to websites for her clients. Whether this be on a maintenance and hosting basic, to general updates and uploads for her clients; to a full website build.

What was the scenario before you started working together?

Lucy and Zoe from Fab, have been working together for some time whether this be through mutual networking groups or through Lucy providing her services for our own website projects, from website updates on the general domain to full website builds for new projects like fab wedding support; which is headed up by a member of the fab team; along with Lucy’s guidance and support.

Lucy and Zoe, met prior to the pandemic to discuss Lucy’s ideas on bringing in more products and services for her audience through a workshop setting but this was parked for the time being until the pandemic was easing.

It was through the She Business networking group this conversation was kick started again, when Lucy learned we offered group sessions to help our customers; market themselves for effectively with a new product or service in mind.

What were their goals?

Lucy’s goals with coming on board with our April fab group strategy session were to look at ways to implement events and workshops into her business to create more sustainability and an option for the customers who required a low entry level of support.

Plus, Lucy wanted to work out a process in a structured way to work out what kind of events she should be offering to support her clients and whether these could run on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Plus, there was the added benefit of running the events, that would make her more visible and attract other one-to-one work.

Why did they choose to work with you?

Lucy chose to work with Zoe from Fab due to a few contributing factors:

  1. Relationship built through networking
  2. Follow up from 1:1 prior to pandemic
  3. Trust through working together on collaborative projects
  4. Recommendation through case studies and results seen
  5. Feedback received following the completion of fab group strategy, which can be found in more detail when demonstrating the results Lucy has received from the group sessions.

What was the process?

The process for Lucy to come on board with fab group strategy was as follows:

  1. Past 1:1 to learn more about each other and our services.
  2. Relationship built up through networking
  3. Working together on 1:1 project/s
  4. Recommendation through other businesses in the She Business network group.
  5. Free discovery/taster session
  6. Confirmed place on April group strategy session.
  7. Completed discovery form prior to sessions taking place
  8. Attended all five workshop sessions with recordings, minutes, and remote support for guidance.

What were the results?

Upon reflection and in discussion with Lucy, she found her results to be as follows:

“I recently attended Zoe’s group strategy sessions. The group was quite small so there was plenty of opportunities to get Zoe’s individual input on my strategy while having the benefit of others in the group.

It was great to both get their input and see what people in other sectors were doing. I would 100% recommend Zoe for all things marketing strategy and event-related because she has a wealth of experience. Whatever challenges I came up with she always had ideas for how to tackle them.

She has boundless energy and enthusiasm and really cares about supporting the businesses she works with. Zoe also has a strong focus on ensuring that you get a return on your investment when you work with her which makes it a no-brainer!

Thank you for all your support Zoe. We will no doubt be working together again in the future!”

Lucy Davies