Women In Property October 2020 Case Study

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The women in property event was established by Paula Grizzard over the past few years to bring women in all professions together to discuss the much loved topic of property whether this be apart of their role professionally or personally.

In a male dominated sector it was important for Paula an industry leading business coach and creator of She Business; to create a platform to discuss industry leading topics for women involved in the property and construction sector. Topics of discussion were:

  • What next for existing and planned city centre developments?
  • What will our city centres look like in 5 years?
  • What should we be planning and developing now?

Supported by such sponsors as: Blacks Solicitors and the Chartered Institute of Building and their expert panel led by Glynis Frew Chief Executive of Hunters Property plc.

What was the scenario before you started working together?

The scenario prior to ‘ourselves’ and Paula from ‘She Business’ working together was that this event had always been hosted in a face-to-face setting and they wished to bring the annual event back into the marketplace but hosted online with a collaboration of speakers, panel discussion and networking.

What were their goals?

To run their first external online event professionally, with good interaction for the audience and feedback/exposure for all parties involved.

Why did they choose to work with you?

Recommended by others on the She Business Group and I was impressed by your member spotlight, which is an opportunity to present the business to the group on a month-by-month basis.

Feedback received from the client after the event took place were as follows:

“I cannot recommend Zoe enough. She helped to plan a virtual seminar for professionals in the property industry. Her work is meticulous. She is organised, strategic and a calming influence on the day. She managed all the tech at the virtual event as well as all the marketing. She takes the weight of your shoulders!

Paula Grizzard

What was the process?

The process was build up through building our relationship through She Business, which is hosted and created by Paula and after six months of networking and building relationships. Paula requested a 121 to find out how I could best help her with the women in property event.

We explained it would be best supported by event administration and project management on the day to create a stress-free process to bring this event to live online and attract over 50 participants which I am pleased to confirm we did and the event was a huge success.

Have the goals changed and/or been achieved since working with Ask Zoe?

Greater knowledge of how to run an online events and would do this again with the support of Zoe.

What were the results?

Results for this event were to increase the exposure for sponsors and panellists along with Paula. To also provide a platform for women to discuss property in a neutral setting where their voices would be heard. Therefore, it was important to reach over 50 attendees and we were successful in reaching the goals for our client.

In the words of our client:

“You are such an expert at gauging the audience for events and pitching it exactly right. Excellent knowledge and skills of marketing with really good tips!

Paula Grizzard, She Business