Ria Jackson

Inclusive Minds UK Case Study

Introduction to Inclusive Minds UK

Inclusive Minds UK is dedicated to fostering neuroinclusion and inclusivity as a whole in all aspects of society. Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations to put the human back into humanity and create genuine person and strengths-led environments for ALL. With a commitment to social impact, Inclusive Minds UK aims to drive positive change through education, advocacy, and collaboration. Making Neuroinclusion the norm! 

What was the reason for attending the Ask Zoe Strategy Day?

I wanted to gain clarity on how to grow Inclusive Minds UK and make an even greater impact. The Strategy Day promised a structured approach to identifying opportunities and challenges.

Why did you choose to work with Ask Zoe?

I was impressed by Ask Zoe’s focus on purpose-driven businesses. It was clear that Zoe understands the unique challenges of growing an organisation with a social mission. 

On a more personal note, Zoe being neurodivergent herself also spent the time to understand my own personal processing needs. 

This level of understanding and accommodation made me confident that Zoe would be the right partner for Inclusive Minds UK.

How did you find the day and what was your biggest take away?

The day was intense but incredibly valuable. Zoe pushed me to think strategically about every aspect of Inclusive Minds UK. 

The biggest takeaway was the importance of focusing on our core purpose and letting that guide all our decisions.

What has been your biggest results so far?

Since the Strategy Day, IMUK has refined our services and developed a clear plan for growth. 

We’ve also gained a newfound confidence in our value proposition and actually know what value proposition means!

Plus, our 90-day targets and goals have been achieved in 6 weeks, resulting in £13,000 to the business. 

Would you recommend the strategy to other business owners and if so why?

If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, the Strategy Day can provide the clarity and direction you need. It’s a worthwhile investment in your business’s future.