Katie Ford, Mind, Body & Soul Transformation Coach. Founder of the Diamond Method


Katie Ford is a Mind, Body, and Soul transformation coach, who helps women find joy and kindness in themselves again. To help them transform from within and shine bright like a diamond, in their true authentic self.

What was the scenario or motivator before you started working with Ask Zoe?

Wanted to take a full day out of the business where I could submerge myself into the day and focus on the launch of the next stage in my business.

This allowed me to gain clarity and a path forward to move onto the next stage for my business.

Why did you choose to work with Ask Zoe?

I have worked with Zoe for the past seven years since late 2016/early 2017 when we launched the Shine Bright Like A Diamond program, to help women shine from within through a 10-week program including workshops and a showcase with a catwalk to celebrate their efforts and achievements. 

Since this launch Zoe has supported me through the transition of what was known as the SBLD program to the This Is Me Cohorts during the pandemic and now to the rebirth of the diamond days and method.

So, it was the natural choice to attend an Ask Zoe Strategy Day to work on this new concept further, as I call Zoe the USB to my brain and this is the reason I choose to work with Zoe again.

How have you found the day?

I feel I got what I came for and the day has helped me unlock what was going around in my mind and creating confusion for the business. 

As by getting pen to paper allowed me to explore these challenges and create solutions. 

Plus, when exploring these activities such as the gap analysis was a huge breakthrough for me.

So, to gain that clarity so I can move forward is truly amazing.

What was your biggest takeaway from the day?

Get on with it, as now I have clarity, confidence, and a 90-day plan to support me.

This allows me to act, to stop dragging my feet and I am excited to move forward.

What have your results been so far by attending the Ask Zoe Strategy Day?

I have successfully launched the next Diamond Day and plan to run a couple more throughout the year in collaboration with Zoe and my extended network.

Would you recommend Ask Zoe to other businesses to attend and if so, why?

Yes, as she is the USB to my brain, and it was a pleasure to work with Zoe again in a group setting and learn from each other. 

Why attend? If, you want to work on the business and stop the overwhelm and procrastination as an independent business owner. Then you need to attend the Ask Zoe Strategy Day.