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I had a 1-2-1 strategy session with Zoe and I was absolutely blown away by her marketing knowledge. In just a 2-hour session, Zoe gave me loads of practical things to change & implement in my business to improve my social media presence, help with my personal branding, email marketing and much more! Zoe is so knowledgeable, yet presents the information in a down to earth, friendly and easy to understand way.

I would highly recommend Zoe and her strategy sessions to any business owner.

– Dan Holmes

Do you need to make changes to grow your business?

Are you just too close to see the wood from the trees?

Know it could be done smarter and/or better, but feel a little overwhelmed?

Being a business owner can be challenging. You are an expert in what you do – it’s why you set your business up – but business improvements and marketing may be out of your comfort zone and that’s exactly where my 1:1 consultancy will be of huge benefit.

If your business development has come to a halt because you’re unsure how to streamline, market your services effectively, or innovate, it can be frustrating, to say the least.

And, as the business owner, you may not have anyone who will look at your business from a strategic point of view and be honest with you.

Whether it’s improvements for your business as a whole or managing a specific project…

The good news is… that’s exactly what I am here for…

To help you deliver!

Business Improvement and Marketing 1:1 consultancy

I founded Ask Zoe because my clients and people in my network are always heard saying to others “ask Zoe, she’ll know”.

After many years of being employed as an internal consultant for large corporates, being sent to different locations to work out what was going wrong and how to improve it, I decided I wanted to help smaller businesses grow.

My 1:1 consultancy gives my clients access to the full range of my knowledge in business improvement and marketing (and to my extensive network of contacts and associates).

Together, we look at your business a fresh. I allow you to stand back from the day-to-day and see it strategically from above.

We look at what you do offer… and what you don’t. We look at the way you operate. What your customers see and experience. We look at your ‘why’ (reason for being in business) and your goals.

Then we put together an actionable plan.

But it doesn’t end there. Oh no!


Our relationship continues after the plan is drawn up. I will check in with you to make sure you are taking action and reviewing progress.

Some people call it ‘being checked up on or being made accountable’… But I like to call it making an impact!

Zoe Wadsworth

How 1:1 consultancy works

Step One:

Book a FREE discovery call, so we can have a chat and see if we’re the right fit for one another – which is super important for 1:1 consultancy as we help you achieve your goals in business.

Step Two:

I’ll pop what we discussed in writing for you, along with my proposal to move your business improvements and/or marketing forward.

Step Three:

We start working together to a structured timetable, looking at each piece of the jigsaw in order.

Step Four:

With our relationship firmly cemented, we stay in touch to ensure progress and I become one of your biggest cheerleaders! (I have a rather large network – 6 degrees of separation… more like 3 with me!)

Why Choose Ask Zoe?

I am a down to earth Yorkshire businesswoman, who is as knowledgeable as I am honest.

My extensive problem solving knowledge and project management within the international corporate world provided me with an incredible foundation.

But small businesses are very different to the large multi-nationals and global corporations.

And that’s exactly why I work with them now.

My ‘why’ is to help YOUR business grow and you achieve YOUR goals.

I network extensively and have a bank of trusted contacts and associates. So, if I’m not the right person to help your business, you can bet I know who will be.

As well as my 1:1 consultancy, I offer group coaching through a four-step strategy process, and a community of likeminded business owners through my membership which I’ve called ‘The Hub’. Book your call with me today and let’s see how we can take your business forward together.


Would highly recommend this FAB lady to take your business to the level with the extra inspiration and clarity which we all need right now with the world opening back up.

– Lucy Wilkinson

Project Management

A pleasure working with Ask Zoe. Offered great insight and expertise in delivering successful events for our project Personal Finance Week to the Financial Services sector in Sheffield. Highly Recommended.

– Paul Exton

7 Steps

I’m delighted to recommend Ask Zoe with her boundless energy and enthusiasm for the hospitality industry. Zoe can provide expert advice, guidance and support complemented by her engaging personality and can-do attitude. Zoe’s 7 Step programme of quality assessment is well worth discussion; taking a proactive approach to quality standards, Zoe will get you on track and allow you to focus on and deliver improvements ahead of the assessor’s arrival.

– Julian Tee


There is so much more to Zoe than events! I had sessions with Zoe to help me with my marketing strategy. We had a Discovery session, where we discussed numerous things, to ascertain we were a good fit to work together and to understand my needs and reality. She returned to the table with in-depth research on what options to consider in my different business sectors. After a thorough and insightful exploration of every option, we came out with a progressive strategy. She was open, honest, encouraging and challenging when needed and she empowered me to be open to try new or different things. I subsequently received a detailed action plan to implement, in easy-to-understand language. To have that clarity is priceless!

– Rafiat