• Market Research

• Do you need clarity in your business or to target a
different audience?

• Are you not sure which direction to take with your
product or services?

• Do you feel overwhelmed by what your marketplace and competitors are doing?

Market research provides a birds-eye view of what your industry and sector is doing at the moment … and, importantly, where you sit within it.
Whether you wish to review competitors, understand the latest trends in the marketplace, create clarity with your pricing structure, scale your business, or generate innovative ideas… Market research can help.

But it takes time to do the research. Time you many not have got. It also takes patience and the knowledge of how to undertake it.
Most business owners either don’t know how to do market research or they simply don’t have the time and inclination to make it a priority.
But the information you gain can be priceless.

Ask Zoe can undertake your market research and provide you with a full report which will help you position your business perfectly.
It is a common perception that market research is to either review your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Or to look at your PEST analysis.
But it is this and so much more.
Here is just a quick snapshot of some of the elements to market research:

Customer Research
Looking at different customer types who would purchase your product and services.
Competitor Research
Looking at your competition in the local, regional, and/or national areas.
Mystery Shop Analysis
Checking out if the service you say you provide is actually provided by your team.
Customer/Buyer Journey Research
Understanding the correct number of touch base points your audience desires so they have their expectations met and their journey with you creates a positive experience. This ensures you retain the customer, and they
recommend your services to others.

Thank you for your time in considering Ask Zoe for this project and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Pricing and Structure
How to correctly structure the features and benefits of your
products and services. Plus, how to price them so they are fair and
stand strong in a competitive marketplace. If you have a unique product or service, we recommend looking further afield to see if there is a similar product or service you can compare against.
The more you understand your business through market research the more effective changes you can make and the more you can ensure this aligns with your vision and goals.

How can Ask Zoe help?
It all starts with a free discovery call to map out the right research for you and your business.
Each element of research starts with a minimum of a half-day contract based on online market research or remote. Market research required in person with your direct customers or mystery shops, start with a minimum of one-day contract. This ensures your market research is comprehensive and gets the information
you require.

If you wish to discuss in confidence the challenges you are facing or improvements you wish to make and let me explain how market research can pave the way forward for your business, then simply book a free call with me.

Just like it did for Clare from Make A Brew and Dinah Jones from J27 Accountants.

Image of ask zoe working on business objectives and alignment of return on investment

Ask Zoe undertook market research in three areas for my business to provide a solution to scale my business and approach a different target audience for the creative marketing director role. Since this research was conducted, I can work more efficiently and effectively in my business by understanding my USP to my target
audience. Plus, I now understand my customers’ buying decisions, and where my target audience sits to target more effectively in my business.

– Clare Froggatt – Make A Brew

Proactive in all areas of market research. Paving a way forward for a new investment opportunity adjacent to J27 Accountants  Helping highlight all areas of improvement in a positive way. Resulting in attracting ideal target audience.

– Dinah Jones, J27 Accountants