Vanessa-Mary, Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coach. Founder of the Seeds of Unlimited Success Family Business Growth Summit


My aim is to help women, men and their families to feel good and flourish in life and business. I am passionate about supporting all members of the family to be their best, healthy, financially secure and emotionally grounded.   

I run a well-being and lifestyle business with my partner.  This is an education, coaching and operations business.  We are growing our online private members’ community.  Our offering also includes the delivery of unique lifestyle workshops covering a wide range of health and nutrition advice.  We are also hosting a range of well-being classes including Zumbini aimed at boys and girls. 

We are growing our community by hosting an annual learning and well-being summit aimed at adding value to the health, wealth and relationships of families working in business together. 

What was the scenario or motivator before you started working with Ask Zoe?

My main motivation was the opportunity to step out of the business to work on the bigger picture. 

This opportunity will allow me to work towards my goals, as I feel I have been working in the business rather than focusing on the growth and strategy of the business.

I felt I was just implementing all the time rather than taking time out to think about what was strategically needed in the business and what was the best route for growth.

This is why I decided to attend the Ask Zoe Strategy Day.

Why did you choose to work with Ask Zoe?

I decided to join the Strategy Day to gain an objective perspective on my business offering.  I was also seeking accountability.  As a Coach offering accountability to others, I was aware I lacked accountability within my own business structures and processes. 

It has also been helpful to have a business and marketing professional to speak through my ideas.  Plus the input and feedback from the other members of the group has been incredible.

How have you found the day?

Due to the information learned and new skills gained, I’ve learned that the name of my business wasn’t speaking to my target audience clearly enough.  Also, that my marketing messaging wasn’t clearly matching the type of clients I was seeking to attract. 

This has contributed to why I feel I am working hard but not getting to where I want to be in the desired time frame.

I loved having an opportunity to take time away from the business to see this and identifying where I currently sit in the marketplace has been useful and information I had not considered.

It has been a great day so far.

What was your biggest takeaway from the day?

I intended to focus on time away from the business and the growth of one of the key offerings in my business. I have done this, so I am looking forward to continuing implementing my plans over the next 90 days.

However, what has been my biggest takeaway is the alignment I have created towards a potential new business name, which was brought out in the group and pair work throughout the day. It is truly amazing to feel more connected to the brand and name of the business.

Plus, the market feedback from others and the market research activities have been so beneficial for my business and I look forward to continuing this activity in the business.  

I am aware that customers buy on emotion and what they need when it comes to business.

What have your results been so far by attending the Ask Zoe Strategy Day?

The main result is the change of name for my business.  This has been very positive as the new name has given me the scope to work with families, rather than only focusing of women’s well-being.  

The Strategy Day also reaffirmed the income potential within my business as well.  Taking time to work on my business strategy has been encouraged me to look at the operational functions within my business.  

I am grateful that Zoe used her business contacts to introduce me to two family-focused professionals within her network.  Both contacts purchased a marketing package for the business growth summit I organised in May.  Now I have an opportunity to nurture these connections with the view to potentially working with them again in the future.

At our most recent group accountability Zoe also suggested a community building idea, which could raise the visibility of my brand within the locality where my annual summit will be held for the second time.  Overall, I have also enjoyed the accountability sessions, which have enabled me to stay on track with planned activities. 

Would you recommend Ask Zoe to other businesses to attend and if so, why?

I would highly recommend the Ask Zoe Strategy Day to other business owners.  The training workshop was very well organised including the pre-workshop activities. During the live session the information shared by Zoe provided me with many insights.  Also, the practical activities we completed in pairs and the group discussions have supported me to improve the messaging for my brand.  

The Accountability calls after the workshop have also been very useful.  These sessions have supported me to stay focused on income-producing activities.  It has also been fantastic to hear about the progress made with other delegates in the group.  Finally, Zoe Wadsworth is an excellent networker and very supportive Business Coach. The encouragement Zoe has provided inside the group also to me personally has been very appreciated.  Thank you, Zoe!