Following on from our press release last week dated (29th October 2020) from Crisis to Confidence –, which illustrates how our company has adapted in unprecedented times and been credited with an industry renowned award for Events and Customer Service by CV Magazine.

We thought it was important to discuss this topic in more detail within this blog, as even though it was unexpected to receive the award we feel it shows how our efforts where noticed in an industry that is struggling at present and in such a turbulent time for business we wanted to demonstrate the positives of innovation. As this is simply what we have done, we have innovated our business, so we are able to offer a virtual service to our target market audience.

Whether this be during a pandemic for yourself in business or whether this is you feel you need to adapt due to the marketplace changing, we wish to share some positivity that you could apply through innovation to make your business stronger in a competitive and ever changing environment.

As innovation is now more than ever placing businesses in the spotlight, especially if you are within the events industry as it is for us all about looking for the positives and your skill set. This will keep your business moving forward and offer a service that your customer and market require now more than ever.

For example for us, yes, the pandemic took away the demand for live events but they did not take away our skill set and one of our many strengths is creativity, marketing and business support through our background and extensive network.   Therefore, fab strategy was born to offer an innovative and accessible way for our target market to create online events through our online course or to help our network with marketing strategy, to identify the gaps just like we did to move forward in their business.

As for us the meaning of innovation within our business is: ‘Creating a new idea, method, service or product to ensure we more accessible, sustainable and creative for our target market audience.’

So, we hope you can take away these five positives that you can apply within your own business within the events sector or within business in general to adapt, innovate and move forward.

  • Number One is Innovation helps you stand out from the crowd and helps you to become more noticed in a competitive marketplace. As, attracting customers has become 10 times harder due to demand increasing in all sectors. So, by having an initiative product, service, or method; allows you to stand out and make it count, great for PR purposes and makes your business stronger and more sustainable for the future.
  • Number Two is, Innovation helps you market effectively and proactively. This is because within your marketing you need to break through the noise within your industry and specifically if your in events right now, but providing something positive to a struggling marketplace will allow you to stand out and allow your story to be used as an effective piece of marketing material.
  • Number Three, Innovation helps bring a sustainable aspect to the business. Sustainability is key at present due to the harsh environment we are living in and come a custom too. So, by offering a sustainable aspect to the business will allow you to become stronger as you are thinking of the environment and the bigger picture.
  • Number Four, Innovation helps increase your value. It increases values as it offers another string to your bow and shows you are moving forward and not scared to make mistakes as mistakes are all apart of the learning process and shows you are becoming a stronger business due to innovating in competitive marketplace.
  • Number Five, Innovation helps you bring more success. As, Innovation shows you in a positive light, shows you are adapting and thinking of you can make your business bigger, better, and stronger.

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