Within Marketing and Events we often get asked ‘Do awards raise your profile in business?’

Our reply is always first and foremost that they DO, however the award has to align with what you wish to be credited for in your line of work; whether this be to receive an award on service, product or sector.

An example we can show of this would be to reflect on our own awards we have received in business for such categories as:

  • Innovation & Adaptation
  • Events & Marketing
  • Excellence in Customer Care & Service

To show each has relevance to our market and the service we provide; so they align on a marketing and public relation point of view to raise our profile as well as the business. So, do ensure when you are looking at awards to apply for that they align with your brand and overall message you wish to create.

As, winning awards in business can be multi purpose but ultimately they help boost your profile and this increased awareness doesn’t apply just not only apply to consumers. But can result in more attention from suppliers, vendors, partners and potential investors.

Additional benefits for adding awards to your credentials can be:

  • Improve Staff Moral & Engagement
  • Increase Visibility
  • Profitability
  • Increase Word of Mouth
  • Add Value

But ultimately as much as awards are there to raise your profile and give additional benefits to your business, If this award is not shared to your target audience and existing customers and network; then ultimately it will not raise your profile in the best way and you will not receive the additional benefits and more.

So, please ensure that you document and spread the word from emails, to socials, to PR to much more. To guarantee that you receive the best from marketing your achievements as ultimately awards do raise your profile but only if you tell your audience about it.