The Oxford dictionary says that a hub is ‘the effective centre of an activity, region, or network’. At Ask Zoe we interpret ‘a hub’ as putting a community in one area to learn together.

As for us a community is where you build a family within your network or business to collaborate, learn and grow, which ultimately moves your business forward.

There are many benefits in creating a hub for your business, in which this blog article will demonstrate with the 5 key benefits for your business below:

  1. Increases Visibility and Brand Awareness: By creating and inviting people to your hub increases visibility and brand awareness. However, do not mistake this for what it is not and that is to sell your services in the first instance, as lets face it no one likes to be sold too. However it is to be used for the top of your sales funnel in business which is all about brand awareness and helping your audience learn as much as possible through the value you provide in your ‘hub’ to ultimately allow their awareness and self development to grow.
  2. Improves Social Media Presence: Another benefit which will lead on from growing your network from a business hub would be an increase in your social media presence. As whilst you’re getting to know new people within the hub, they are also getting to know you and there is nothing wrong with asking them to follow you and engage with you on your social media pages. The more engagement you get the more people will see your posts, the more your awareness and community will grow.
  3. Educate & Engagement: Learning from others, has many key benefits within its self from developing higher thinking and listening skills, to developing communication and promoting positive outcomes, to creating new levels of support for one and other in business. This would be a huge benefit from your hub, as there is always something new to learn and everyone in the hub could have something new to contribute. This in turn improves engagement as you create positive audience participation as you are collectively helping one and other within positive surroundings i.e. your hub.
  4. Support & Network: Another benefit you would gain would be having a support group, whether this be for something that goes wrong, to that you don’t know how to do something or that you’re struggling. Or to something more simple in terms of you need some more networking opportunities. Whatever it maybe, there will always be the business hub behind your back to support you and help you overcome the obstacles whether this be big or small.
  5. Referrals: Everyone in the hub will support each other’s businesses, so when they know someone who’s looking for your service, they’re going to refer them to you. Therefore, gaining lots more business! Plus, people are more likely to go with you than another business if they’ve been referred to you as they’re more likely to TRUST, due to the relationship built up in a positive and pro active business community.

Ultimately we have applied this method to our own business and seen the benefits just one month after being launched; as it was our purpose and mission to connect, inspire, network and inform our community through our hub.

In which you can see these benefits too in your business if you wish too.

To find out more about fab business hub, please click on the following link: The Hub – Ask Zoe

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