In our last blog we talked about our involvement with Net Zero Barnsley and I promised to share some more about how Ask Zoe came to be and how we want to help. I mentioned previously that the problems of the last couple of years led me to look at my own business as a customer and reshape it to support my clients better.

Helping customers visualise their position in the marketplace is the first step in our process to stress-free business development. When the time came to look at my own business, the first thing I did was “Ask Zoe”. The answer was that I had been building the network of people I needed to help me evolve and grow my business for years. Being able share my voice and expertise in business is great. A testimonial we received from Mandy tells you why we do this.

“The biggest changes are that I now feel there are things I can do (instead of just feeling overwhelmed) and I feel enthusiastic about my business now! Which is an amazing result to receive above anything else. I have fallen back in love with my business.”

To make a positive difference to service sector businesses is what Ask Zoe is all about. The aim going forward is to help more businesses grow and thrive by doing what we do best.

You can engage with us in several ways to suit how you and your business work best.

Remote Support – A tried and tested video and workbook to guide you through building events online. This was our first stage of evolving our business to offer more access to our clients.

1:1 – Identifies the gaps in your marketing, and helps you create a strategy and action plan that builds results. This is our most popular service and comes with a retainer option to get our clients a higher return on investment (ROI).

Our 1:1 consultancy service will give you access to all the knowledge and know how we have built up reshaping our own business to grow by 750% in a two-year period.

Group – A 5 week programme which allows you to see your business as a whole and where improvements need to be made. This is great to gain market research and feedback from further business owners too as we only accept up to five guests onto each group program.

The Hub – A combination of business development and support, born to bring our business community together and help collectively move our businesses forward. This is also where we get to highlight the experts in our network and showcase their expertise.

Booking a free discovery session is completely risk free. Our motto is ‘if we can’t help you, we will know someone who can’.

With our 15 years’ experience and running a business over the last six years. Having faced and overcome the same challenges as everyone else over the last couple of years. We are uniquely qualified to support your journey to clarity and growth in your own business. Just Ask Zoe